Let us take an example. You work in the local office of a multi-state organization in Illinois. You believe you have been discriminated against due to your color, sexual orientation, or other protected trait. Therefore, you contemplate reporting it and seeking legal recourse. However, others in your branch share the same feelings. 

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit in which a group of people who have been harmed by the same issue join forces to sue a defendant. An individual lawsuit, on the other hand, happens when one person takes legal action against another. While this method might give more control over the legal matter and possibly higher compensation, it is also more costly and time-consuming. To streamline the process, you should contact an Illinois class action lawyer

What are the advantages of Suing independently vs. a class action lawsuit?

Independent Lawsuit Benefits

Suing independently enables you to focus entirely on your case. The most significant benefit is control. You have the last decision on whether to settle or go to court. This means you can adjust your legal strategy to your specific situation and pursue the results that are most significant to you. 

Additionally, the possible compensation in an individual action is not limited by the interests of the other plaintiffs. It is tailored to your particular damages, which might end up in a significant reimbursement. 

Are you worried about time? Do not, because individual lawsuits usually resolve faster than class actions. This means you might feel the effects sooner rather than later. All of these benefits are important, but it is recommended that you consult with an experienced attorney before making any decisions.  

Class Actions Benefits

A major benefit is that when faced with a large number of plaintiffs, the defendant may be more willing to settle. Furthermore, on the economic side, the attorney or attorneys filing the class action lawsuit will seek repayment from the judgment or settlement, so the class members will not be liable for any legal fees. Costs are shared by every participant in a class action lawsuit. It makes it a more reasonable choice for people with small claims. 

Making Your Decision: Factors to Consider

It is essential to understand the options available before filing an individual lawsuit or a class action lawsuit. However, it is always recommended to contact an attorney to decide on the best line of action for your specific case. 

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